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Hexagon Industries has been importing direct from Asia since the mid-1980's.  Many of our relationships there go back nearly 20 years.   Our in-house technical knowledge as a manufacturer makes us ideally suited to not only pick the best overseas factory, but also communicate clearly the technical details of your items. Also important: Hexagon personnel will personally visit the factory where your product is made we're not just trading people overseas agents.

Blending.  There are many reasons why all products cannot be imported.  Short lead times, prototype builds, uncertain demands, exacting quality standards, high potential liabilities, unclear specifications, etc., etc., are all reasons an item may not be a good candidate for 100% import.

On blended items, Hexagon begins the project by prototyping and making the initial production runs here in Cleveland.  Next, we choose the best overseas factory for that particular part, and our engineer here will communicate to the overseas factory any critical specifications.  Then, the bulk of the order will be imported to keep the total cost as low as possible.  At this point however, it is important to remember that Hexagon is already fully tooled and familiar with the part so if there are any bumps in the supply/demand we are ready to step in on a moments notice to avoid any disruption.  All one price; all seamless to our customer.

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